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Donate Today to support The Pearl Psychedelic Institute

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Your donation will help to bring legalized psychedelic medicine into our communities

The Pearl Psychedelic Institute was founded in 2020 and was established as a nonprofit that aims
to bring psychedelic-assisted therapy into mainstream practice through research, treatment, and
training while reducing the barriers to patient access.
The primary goal of The Pearl is to advance the study and legalization of psychedelic
medicine for the treatment of mental health issues in a safe and nurturing environment. We are currently one of the ten approved sites nationwide for the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) FDA Expanded Access MDMA -assisted therapy program for the treatment of severe PTSD.
The Pearl provides trainings for therapists, wellness advocates, community partners and interested professionals on treating and understanding the use of psychedelics as a medicine for mental health and well-being.
The Pearl is opening a reduced cost clinic (using a sliding scale based on household
income levels) during the first quarter of 2023 that provides services for the underserved beginning with
psychedelic integration and ketamine - assisted therapy. .
The Pearl Psychedelic Institute plans to create an endowment through fundraising, grants,
and donations to sustain its research, training, and a reduced cost clinic for the underserved. Most
of our first-year fixed costs for the Pearl have been covered through grants and donations. Thank you so much to our friends and circle of Pearl donors.